PDBA HPQ-SQL For DB2 - DB2 performance analysis

HPA-SQL is a new generation of DB2 tool. It innovates the method of DB2 application performance analysis. Features:

  • DB2 Accounting and Performance Traces can be used together for just one single performance analysis or a complex Capacity Planning analysis using several months of data. A utility to collect traces in sampling mode is included.
  • Integrated analysis: HPA-SQL can generated much more powerfull reports when compared to others tools: all kind of DB2 data can be used together to generate reports. Example of input data: SQLS from catalog/dbrm/files/traces/dynamic SQLs.
  • Massive Explain Utility
  • DB2 Catalog Navigation
  • Automatic Plan Table Comparison with Enhanced Impact Analysis
  • Manual or Automatic Index recommendation: which indexes should be created/dropped/kept
  • Copy DB2 statistics data from production to development environments
  • SQL analysis can be stored and retrieved any time: now users can keep the system knowledge
  • Non-intrusive and low overhead – No hooks in DB2 subsystem!
  • SQL inventory
  • Complete cross reference (tables, columns, indexes, jobs, drda connections, etc)
  • etc.