RSD EOS 360 - Electronic Reports Managment and Distribution

As an enterprise-grade distributed output and report management solution, EOS facilitates the identification and management of virtually any output data stream as it is created, regardless of the application or platform on which it is generated. It fully automates report generation, report and content archiving, retrieval and destruction according to easily-configured business rules. In addition, through optional add-on components, EOS provides print management services through Doc2Print, email delivery and notification via Doc2Mail and SAP content integration with SAP OMS.

RSD Folders - Archive and Document Management

Ensures that the competitive enterprise can effectively leverage its information assets to accelerate decision-making in a collaborative workspace and respond rapidly to requests from customers and partners. This robust content and document management solution offers comprehensive functionality to dramatically decrease the costs of regulatory compliance. It combines multi-platform support with extensive scalability to capture, store and intelligently classify all content generated by Legacy, ERP or Windows applications.