3CON 3XSecurity – 3270 & 5250 Analysis and Tracking Tool

Solution for Monitor, Identify, Treat and Document incidents of attempting or carrying out fraud, made for applications and information residing in Mainframe and iSeries/AS-400 environments


  • Prevents and inhibits malicious actions
  • Detailed and complete mapping of critical applications
  • Ideal tool for risk prevention and fraud
  • Login Events Export Module (LEM)
  • Reporting


Application Performance Management

Monitor and manage complex applications to identify and resolve performance issues:

  • Auto-discover and monitor end-to-end business transaction performance, with Transaction Tag and Follow
  • See everything with the industry’s broadest coverage of languages and technologies
  •  Monitor any production app within minutes
  •  Monitor production apps at code-level depth with minimal overhead
  •  Resolve application issues quickly for exceptional end-user experience
  • Never get another false alarm with automated baselining and alerting

Creative Virtual

Scalable Survey - IT Asset Management

Survey™ is a cost management application that provides detailed, comprehensive true usage information for the desktop and server software, hardware and printers in your organization. Survey’s asset intelligence gives you a business view of the computer systems and software you have installed. The asset usage reports provide the unique insight you need to: Stop overbuying software licenses Optimize the software licenses you already have Remove the cost burden of maintaining and supporting underutilized software and hardware Gain fair value from annual software license reviews and “true-up” negotiations Accurately plan your IT budget for the next year and forecast future budget needs Achieve accurate compliance with vendor licensing No other application provides the level of detail you need to recover value from unused or underused hardware and software. Even asset management applications can’t uncover true usage information.


GlassIG - Information Governance

RSD GLASS (Governance Layer for Archive ServiceS) helps organisations manage corporate risk and improve operational efficiency as they work to achieve compliance with regulations and laws governing enterprise information and records management. Current records management and enterprise information management solutions address the information governance challenge from the bottom up by hard-wiring their policy and enforcement capabilities to proprietary repositories. RSD GLASS takes a top down approach: central policy management, federated enforcement, and repository agnosticism. RSD GLASS provides authorised users with simple and rapid access to content in all corporate repositories while offering internal transparency by weaving information governance capabilities into the fabric of the content infrastructure. This represents a fundamentally new design center for information governance, and offers organisations far greater flexibility to implement truly enterprise-wide solutions.


Kony Platform - Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP)

Kony is the fastest growing cloud-based mobile application development platform (MADP) in the industry with over 600 live multi-channel apps, serving over 20 million end users across 45 countries, and generating over 1 billion sessions. The Kony Experience Platform is an integrated software development lifecycle (SDLC) platform to define, design, develop, test, deploy, and manage multi-channel applications from a single code base. With Kony, you can deliver stunning user-first experiences, get to market faster, and lower your application TCO. Kony also offers a suite of more than 33 ready-to-run B2E and B2C apps that enable customers to quickly extend their business.

Rocket Software

Rocket SW - Mainframe Data Virtualization

Traditional approaches to data integration that rely on moving data, such as ETL technologies, are struggling to handle the extreme volume and diversity of data. There is simply too much data to physically move it all into a data warehouse. New requirements to support advanced analytics, mobile and Cloud initiatives demand a faster, more agile approach to data integration. Data virtualization has emerged to address the need for real-time, universal access to data, regardless of format or location. Rocket Data Virtualization enables data from multiple, disconnected sources to be virtually integrated into a single, logical, data source and shared with any application, providing the right data, in the right format, at the right time. Key Features:

  • Breadth of data providers
  • Big Data, mainframe, distributed, machine data, syslogs
  • Breadth of data consumers
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, Web
  • Integrate DB2 applications with wide range of data sources
  • on and off mainframe
  • Reduce reliance on high cost, high complexity ETL technologies
  • Extend the value of your data warehouse with real-time data virtualization

With Rocket Data Virtualization, mainframe data can be cost effectively integrated "in-place" with up to 99% of the data virtualization processing running in the mainframe System z Integrated Information Processor. To mainframe customers, that is a significant savings in processing costs typically expended for ETL technologies. Rocket Data Virtualization provides a more agile, modern way to share data across your enterprise.


RSD EOS 360 - Electronic Reports Managment and Distribution

As an enterprise-grade distributed output and report management solution, EOS facilitates the identification and management of virtually any output data stream as it is created, regardless of the application or platform on which it is generated. It fully automates report generation, report and content archiving, retrieval and destruction according to easily-configured business rules. In addition, through optional add-on components, EOS provides print management services through Doc2Print, email delivery and notification via Doc2Mail and SAP content integration with SAP OMS.

RSD Folders - Archive and Document Management

Ensures that the competitive enterprise can effectively leverage its information assets to accelerate decision-making in a collaborative workspace and respond rapidly to requests from customers and partners. This robust content and document management solution offers comprehensive functionality to dramatically decrease the costs of regulatory compliance. It combines multi-platform support with extensive scalability to capture, store and intelligently classify all content generated by Legacy, ERP or Windows applications.